A New Way To Educate

Integrated Educational Strategies was established in 2010 to help guide the school system into the modern, Blended Model of schooling that combined in-class interaction with online and location-based learning experiences. IES saw this as the future, where students would no longer have to be confined to a single classroom to experience the best education the USA could offer. Driven by our leadership, IES established a blended school model for public and charter schools to follow. Now we have expanded into helping associations and businesses educate their professionals to increase their workforce development skills.

IES is recognized as a national leader in reshaping traditional and digital programs for associations, educational institutions, businesses, and board development trainings. 

IES specializes in providing the following services: 
- Leadership via design thinking, change management
- Advisory and governing board training
- Strategy, advising, coaching, and entrepreneurship for clients
- Customer and stakeholder engagement loops to solve complex problems
- Capacity building, and succession planning
- Process management, professional learning, instructional design
- Results and milestone consulting for business development, grants, funders, etc. 
- National trends and analysis such as alternative teacher certifications, policy work

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Why IES?

Our team consists of accomplished senior executives, entrepreneurs, educators, board members, and thought leaders who have successfully managed multi-million dollar digital transformation projects worldwide. Leveraging that global experience, we offer a valuable asset for your project, no matter its size or cost. Our broad areas of expertise include capacity building, process management, designing and implementing blended learning solutions, governance, strategic planning, e-learning, K-12, program evaluation, curriculum development, coaching and speaking.

Our team members have a proven history of making change happen and successful leadership in disruptive industries.

Evidence of our Thought Leadership abounds, from authoring Virtual Schooling: A Guide to Optimizing Your Child’s Education, published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2009, to presenting at national events and summits in the US and Belgium. We have been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, the Chicago Tribune, the Hechinger Report, London Times, NPR, KOIT reaching 27 states and Canada.